Tuesday, March 14, 2017


Reasons to be thin

1. I can show them it wasn't a joke/seek for attention
2. Modelling
3. Wont have to worry about people thinking I'm fat on first dates
4. See Lawrence and have him comment on my weightloss
5. Have him worry
6. Be happy

Before and After

Everything looks way better on skinny girls

AFTER SCHOOL THINSPO *dont read if you get triggered easily* stay safe

AFTER SCHOOL THINSPO *dont read if you get triggered easily* stay safe 
*Found this from tumblr*
Right now you are probably hungry, bored, or just feel like eating. Before going into the kitchen or thinking about stuff you can eat, please read all of this. 

You have started looking at thinspo for years, that is years you have wished to be skinny. You can’t take back those years, but you can make the next years much better. You have had endless nights of crying and just wishing you were 40 pounds lighter. You go to sleep almost every night after looking at thousands of perfect bodies scattered around Tumblr. 
Now I want you to go to your mirror. Look at yourself. Take off your shirt and examine your stomach. Look at all the spots you want to change. Now say out loud food is not worth it. Take off your pants and look at your legs. Squeeze all the fat on your leg and shake all the fat on your calves. Do you like it? No. Now say out loud food does not control me. Look at your arms, ugh, your fat arms, and ask yourself is the flavor of that food I’m craving really better than thin arms. Shake all the fat around then say I don’t need food. Pinch all the fat you have on your body. Look at all that disgusting fat. You don’t even deserve food. Make a small list about 5 things better than food. Better yet, go on shopping website and pick out clothes you will wear when you are skinny. 
Now you might still be hungry. Get a drink of water, put two ice cubes in it and drink the whole thing, yum. 
Still hungry? Fill up another cup. Do some sit ups, push ups, and squats. Now take a shower, put on a face mask, do your nails, watch a YouTube video. Do anything other than eat. 
Now that you got yourself away from food, go on tumblr, look at the beautiful bodies you will have in no time. Just imagine all the photos you will take. All the clothes you will wear. All the confidence you will have. 
Drink a cup of water
Stay in your room now, you don’t need food. Bring some water or tea. Wrap yourself up in cozy blankets and watch some shows.
Now go to bed 
Remember, you will be thinner in the morning

150lbs 5'7 WTF

What the fuck is wrong with me? How did i end up here.. how did i let this happen to myself.. from now and onwards I will make a promise to you guys and myself that the number will only go down.. only down.. :) FAST DAY TOMORROW <3 AND I WILL STAY STRONG TO ANA AND MIA :)

only cheat meals will be the ones my guys take me to expensive dinner places .. lol ;) guess this will push me to put myself more out there =p

been sick for two days with gastritis and have been on medication probably from exessive alcohol consumption and purging but whats going to stop me ? what the point in being in this world anyway if I'm not thin .. I'm so tired.. i keep telling myself that i need to do something about this but then i never do and i just end up telling myself its okay to eat.. and I'm constantly tormented by these two voices inside my head and its literally driving me insane. . i have no one to talk to.. gosh I JUST WANT TO BE SKINNY. why is life so unfair that my best friend has the best metabolism ever and I'm just stuck here under layers of lard. gosh i just want to cut it all off!

wish me luck xx